Authorized Licensee For Bendix Trademark


About Bendix

Bendix is a well-known respectable name in the world of car fluids and spare parts since 1924.

The Bendix brand has been marked by a long list of major product contributions to the automotive, aviation, aerospace and transportation industries for nearly a century. With fluids for cars, buses, trucks, trailers, boats, airplanes, farm, construction and industrial equipment, Bendix is one of the best-known and respectable names in the transportation industry. As an industry pioneer, we develop and supply leading-edge technologies for improved vehicle performance.

Bendix’s reputation extends beyond American and European markets, and has long been a reputable name in the Egyptian and North African markets.


About Al Manar Group

Established in 1975, Al Manar Group is a key player in the field of automotive spare parts and car fluids. In cooperation with Honeywell, Al Manar Group strives daily to achieve its mission of enabling its clients to obtain premium quality products that ensure the performance and durability of their vehicles.

Al Manar Group, licensed to produce, market and distribute Bendix automotive fluids in Egypt and North Africa, is keen on pursuing a journey of providing the top-quality car fluids, lubricants, and spare parts to all its clients everywhere.

Al Manar signed a license agreement with Honeywell to use the Bendix trademark for automotive brake fluid, hydraulic oil, automatic transmission fluid, and grease in North Africa.